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The Lost Ways: An Honest Review

the-lost-waysThere are a number of reasons because of which it can be said that The Lost Ways will make for an amazing read for anyone who is even a little adventurous by nature. It has been written by a survivalist who believes that all of us must adopt the ways and means that our forefathers had used in their time as a way of life. It has to be said that this a fact that very few of us can deny. The truth is that our forefathers lived a different life and they were a lot more healthy and strong. This is true despite the fact that they did not have the most of the amenities that we consider to be basic needs now. It can be said that a balanced and thoughtful reading of this book will be a very good experience for all of us.

The Lost Ways truly brings to the forefront all the lost ways of our forefathers. It will be very foolish of the modern man if he is to ignore and forget all the ways that were used by his ancestors to survive the various calamities of nature. One is reminded of the well-known lines by Brad Pitt in the cult hit Fight Club when Brad says ‘The things you own; end up owning you’. This is so true for the modern men (and women) that even an attempt at denial will not only be tough but also foolish. We have become slaves to all the things that were made in order to make our lives more convenient. A man has forgotten the real reason for his existence and has become a tool in the endless run for material things.

The Lost Ways is a wake up for the modern man who feels that rising with the sun is as foolish as chasing one’s passion. It will be very hard for any of us to adopt a survivalist lifestyle because of the huge and sudden change that it will require. But it has to be said that if we are to learn some of the ways and means that are a part and parcel of the regime that has been talked about in The Lost Ways we will be better off. Do not shy away from facing the reality and buy this book not just as a self-help tool but also as a reminder of the truth in its bare form. There is no denying the obvious. The sooner you are able to stand up and face facts the better it will be for you.

A reading of the Lost Ways will give you info about all the ways and means that you can adopt in order to adapt to the natural calamities. In most of our lives, if our lives are long enough, there is a very good chance that we will be faced with some natural calamity or the other. Unless and until we are prepared to handle it on a physical level on our own we will not have a chance of survival.

A Private Or A Public Golf Course? How To Choose One?

2dea609cb66243ab896fe4647a4c79d7Golf enthusiasts keep on looking for newer options to test their golf playing skills. No wonder, that public and private golf courses both have their own importance. On one hand, where many would prefer a private one, public ones are no less in facilities. Still, there are a few things that might be a doubt in your mind regarding the other type of golf course. People who love playing golf in new places will surely know how weather and environment conditions greatly matter while playing golf. Do not waste your money playing golf on the same course every time. Explore new courses and find out discount options.

Playing golf can be expensive at times, hence you need to manage a few things. You can change your membership from time to time. A little variety is always good to gear yourself for a better match. Beacon Hall golf practices will mesmerize you, with their world class facilities. A private club may be expensive, but once you are a member of it, you truly feel so. From a small attendant to the manager, everybody will know your name. It will give you a personal feel when playing at a private club. It is not always a business for them or you, sometimes it is good to interact.

This is what happens very beautifully in a private club. They will serve you with the type of cart you always like, your shoes and clubs never remain untidy. As soon as you speak you need new balls to play, it will be there in your cart. You can play cards in the clubhouse, enjoy a few drinks and hang out with other people. You will always find a guy or two who will be knowing the game you play. Enjoy playing with them for fun. There is a no need for a tee time, everything will be in your account. Anybody can put things in their own account

In the case of public golf courses, you cannot make sure that every place will be having the same excellent place. Sometimes, a public golf course in one city is very different from the one in another city. In Private clubs, there is a bit of politics which can be avoided in public clubs. In private clubs, people tend to impress each other for better rapport. However, this kind of stuff is not a case in public clubs. You can search for good deals on the internet if you want to play in a public golf course. In public golf courses, there is a freedom given to the members.

A private club will expect you to be in your best form always. They can also throw you out from the club for wrong behavior. Private clubs are very concerned about their image. The amount of play is also very less in public clubs than in private clubs. People looking for a cost effective option must go for public clubs rather than private clubs. The private clubs in less price can also be tried, still, public clubs will be an authentic option to try.