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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of San Francisco Bay


Nothing feels more like beach season than warm weather and perfect azure skies. Such climate will see most of San Francisco Bay populace basking in the sun and having a picnic. However, much of the fun lies in the water, according to To change things up this year, why not actually venture into the very waters that you’ve appreciated for years from the sidelines of the shore. There are plenty of activities to try in the water these days, and San Francisco Bay has no shortage of them.

You might not be inclined to get wet today or any other day, and that’s okay. You can stay safe and dry on the decks of a beautiful boat. For many, sailing is the epitome of a wealthy hobby. Imagine the sleek white lines of the boat cutting through frothy blue waters and think of how many people turn green with envy at a recount of that particular escapade. You can hire a private boat to sail you across the Bay or even take up sailing classes if the imagery is tempting enough. There are a couple of reputed schools situated in the Bay area to teach enthusiasts the nuances of the art.

There are different ways to get closer to the water, including kayaking and rowing. Kayaking is a great way to experience the beauties of the underwater world. Since experience is not mandatory, you can pick up a paddle and start kayaking right away, though there are classes available if you are nervous about being alone in the water. Kayaking offers serene paddling tours across Muir Beach, Tomales Bay, Elkhorn Slough and there are even nighttime kayaking tours for a close encounter with night creatures.

If kayaking seems too timid for you, rowing might be the thing for you. Think of it as kayaking on steroids. People tend to avoid rowing merely because of the amount of force it requires; however, everyone has to begin somewhere with everything. The South End and the Dolphin Clubs are both great spots for newbies to try their hand at rowing. Try out different levels of complexity by trying different areas of the Bay and working your way up to Lake Merced to Corte Madera Creek.

Now, you’re ready to get wet and wild in the water. Stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing are some exciting activities you can do in the Bay. Paddleboarding might sound difficult, but it’s quick to learn and engagingly fun if you’re not racing. Windsurfing and kitesurfing have become exceedingly popular takes on paddleboarding, though there is a rather steep learning curve. Several places offer free lessons and equipment hire for all of these activities

Once you’re tired of all the equipment, hire a wetsuit and dive into the deep. Join a diving group to learn the basics and start off in the coves if you’re nervous. There are also several groups that meet up to swim in the open waters – they will take care of the guide boats and organisation. All you have to do is swim. Try out all of these activities or even one of them next time you go to the Bay and see what a difference a little time in the water can make.